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누리과정 생활 주제에 맞춘
최초의 영어 교재

연간 교육 계획

e-ELF English의 연간 커리큘럼을 확인하세요.
No Mon 누리과정 Theme Pre Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Story Phonics Story Phonics Story Phonics Story Phonics
1 3 우리 원과 친구 Wake Up! Alphabets ABC I Want to Go Consonants ABC What Day is It? Short Vowel a The School Rules Long Vowel a
Key Expressions Wake up.
Good morning. (night)
I need soap.
I want to go.
I go to kindergarten.
I am happy.
(sad, angry, excited, sleepy)
Where is my homeroom teacher?
What day is it today?
It is Monday.
I like my new school.
You have to get in line.
Can you follow the rules?
I can follow the rules.
2 4 봄의 동식물 Look At Me! Alphabets DEF What Sound Is It? Consonants DEF Spring Quiz Time Short Vowel a A Yellow Dandelion Long Vowel a
Key Expressions It is spring.
Look at me!
I am jumping.
It is spring.
What sound is it?
It’s a bear. (squirrel, frog, bee)
Who am I?
It’s a butterfly.
I have two body parts.
We can see many insects in spring.
We like spring flowers.
I see cherry blossoms.
I make my food with my leaves.
I take in water with my roots.
3 5 나와 가족 I Want to Play! Alphabets GHI Where Is The Fly? Consonants GHI Like Daddy, Like Mommy Short Vowel i Come To My Wedding Long Vowel i
Key Expressions Mom is busy cooking.
I want to play.
Hurry up! Or we’ll be late.
Where is the fly?
My eyes, my mouth!
Don’t tickle me!
Daddy is good at cook.
I want to be a cook, like Daddy.
I am sorry.
I love you.
Daddy can’t get it.
I can get it.
Can you come over today?
Welcome to my wedding ceremony!
4 6 우리 동네 Goes the Train! Alphabets JKL While You were Sleeping Consonants JKL Whose Button is This? Short Vowel i We Are Proud Volunteers! Long Vowel i
Key Expressions Goes the train!
Let’s go for a ride!
I am sorry.
The streets are clean.
Thank you for your kindness!
It’s my pleasure!
Whose hat is this?
Give it back to its owner!
It was really nice of you.
It’s our town’s day.
I can help sick animals in a vet.
We are so proud of you!
5 7 여름과 건강 One for You, One for Me Alphabets MNO Don’t Open the Fridge! Consonants MNO I Like Rainy Days! Short Vowel u Swim Time In Summer Long Vowel u
Key Expressions I am busy!
Yummy peach!
One for you, one for me!
Don’t open the fridge!
I like juice.
We don’t like medicine!
It is sunny!
The weather is changing.
I like rainy day!
Let’s go to the swimming pool!
I love the water!
Swim in the water!
6 8 SpecialⅠ- 1st Semester Review & Musical Program
7 9 세계 속의 우리나라 My Country Korea Alphabets PQR Welcome To Korea! Consonants PQR Korean Feast Short Vowel o At the Dinosaur Museum Long Vowel o
Key Expressions I go to Africa.
I see many animals.
Hello, I am from Korea!
This is my friend Tom in USA.
He can play baseball game well.
Can you play baseball game?
I need flour.
It is white and soft.
I ask, ‘Can you pass me the flour?’
We go to Egypt.
We see the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.
Which country do you want to visit?
8 10 가을 Yellow Leaf, Red Leaf Alphabets ST Color Traveler Consonants ST My Hero Scarecrow Short Vowel o Change Of Season! Long Vowel o
Key Expressions What color is it?
It is red.
I see red leaf.
It is fall. It is cool.
What makes a rainbow?
Orange! I make orange with a pumpkin!
Can you see where
my running shoes are?
My running shoes are in front of the sofa.
They are in front of the sofa.
There are four different seasons.
Sometimes warm, hot, cool and cold.
What season do you like and why?
9 11 환경과 생활 Please Help Me! Alphabets UV Clean the Water for the Otter Consonants UV Let’s Save the Polar Bear Short Vowel e Look at the Sky! Long Vowel e
Key Expressions I wash my foot. Be careful.
Can you wash your foot?
You can do it yourself.
We live on the planet Earth.
Clean the water for us.
Clean the water for the otter.
What kind of animals live at the North Pole?
It feels like we are in a freezer.
We could save the Polar bear.
The earth is round.
The earth is spinning by itself.
The earth looks like a ball.
The earth is spinning every day.
10 12 겨울 Painter’s Winter Alphabets WX Christmas Elves Consonants WX Light Up for Santa Short Vowel e Change of Season! Long Vowel e
Key Expressions I need mittens.
Put on mittens.
I put on my mittens.
It safe for my hands
We put bells on Christmas tree.
Christmas is a fun holiday.
I love a lot!
I can draw a circle.
A ball is a circle.
What can you draw?
We made a Christmas tree!
In winter, the weather is cold.
I can see a lot of snow.
I go skiing in the winter time.
This is my favorite season.
11 1 새해/ 생활 도구 Sounds All Around Me Alphabets YZ Happy New Year! Consonants YZ Where Does Phone Goes? Short Vowel review My Teachers! Long Vowel review
Key Expressions Make different sounds!
Let’s hear!
Playing the piano!
Use your fingers.
Time to start a new day!
I like to share it with you.
We all laugh and learn!
How can I use the phone?
Look! A telephone doesn’t work!
I can fix the telephone!
I learn many things from the teacher.
The teachers help me a lot.
He teaches us drawing and painting.
12 2 SpecialⅡ- 2nd Semester Review & Musical Program