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One Project of CUP in Receipt of National Key R & D Programme Funding


Recently, the project "New generation of offshore high-precision seismic mass data processing software flat platform research and development" led by Professor Li Jingye was funded by National Key R&D Programme. This is the sixth project funded by National Key R&D programme during the 13th five year plan of CUP.

The project is led by China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and cooperates with 9 research institutes, enterprises and universities to carry out "Industry-University-Research" cooperative innovation. The project intends to solve the problems faced by the offshore seismic processing software platform in massive data management, massive computing, openness, versatility and intelligence. This project aims to develop and adapt to tb-pb (1TB = 1024gb, 1PB = 1024tb) massive data management and big data I / O, large-scale cluster high-performance parallel computing and cloud computing,  and a new generation of intelligent offshore high-precision seismic data processing software platform with full independent intellectual property rights. On top of that, this project aims to develop special platform supporting tools as well as develop and integrate advanced offshore high-precision seismic processing key technologies. This project will be open sharing to support national offshore oil and gas independence development and future strategic needs.