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CUP Held Online Class of the Spring Semester in 2020


On 24th February, the first day of online courses of CUP's spring semester commenced to ensure the health and safety of CUP students and faculty during the epidemic and to minimize disruption to education outcomes. There are 988 undergraduate courses and 230 graduate courses scheduled. CUP teachers started their online teaching via variant software and apps, such as Rain classroom, Tencent classroom, Wechat classroom, Cloud classroom, MOOC, etc.

(Distinguished Teaching Award owner&Memberof Teaching Expert Committee Prof. Liu Fujiang of Petroleum Engineering College delivered online courses)

Each college of CUP has developed its own online teaching work plan and quickly established "online classroom" according to the curriculum. Teachers are required to change the teaching calendar appropriately and frame online teaching plan in the time. To maintain the high standard of teaching quality, the institutional teaching expert committee and each college conducted supervision over the teaching of public courses and compulsory courses, teachers’ preparation for lecturing, online lecturing process, etc. Given the differences between online teaching and conventional teaching in classrooms, the institution encourages teachers to actively carry out pedagogy reform in online teaching practice.

As of 4th March, the survey on online courses illustrates that the satisfaction of teachers is above 92% as well as students' above 95%. In the two weeks of online learning, more than 9800 undergraduate and post-graduates from all over the country continued their learning via the network during the epidemic.